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Install Notes
Uninstall instructions for XPI-installed themes


Most people are aware that Mozilla and Netscape come standard with two themes, Classic and Modern. Each of these themes were expertly designed and provide for an enjoyable browsing experience. However, the folks at and Netscape realized that people might desire to dress-up their browser to meet their own particular tastes and thus provided a means for independent designers to develop their own themes.

The themes on this site represent a significant sampling of independent themes that are available for immediate download and installation. We here at wish to commend all the theme contributors for their time and effort in designing these themes and for allowing us to make them available to you. We know you will enjoy viewing and installing any of these themes as much as we do hosting them.


Themes are Mozilla version-dependent; thus, themes created for Mozilla version 1.x will not install on Mozilla version 1.2, and above. The same is true with using version 1.2 Mozilla themes on earlier versions of Mozilla.

While it may not be obvious, there are valid reasons for Mozilla imposing these version levels, mostly having to do with incompatible themes causing instability in the browser in ways that are not obvious to the user.

If you find a theme that you like and it hasn't been upgraded to a current Mozilla version, your best choice is file an RFE request for this upgrade and possibly contact the theme owner directly.

Install Notes

Uninstall instructions for XPI-installed themes

  1. Highlight the theme and confirm that the "Uninstall" button in Themes preferences is greyed-out, then [IMPORTANT!] select another theme [say Modern] from the list and then exit the browser.
  2. Using your file navigator (e.g., Windows Explorer on Windows), navigate to this browser's installation folder [Attention!] not your Profile folder) and then navigate to the "chrome" sub-folder and delete "chrome.rdf" (save a copy first) and any ThisTheme.jar files in it. (Note: the "chrome.rdf" file will be automatically rebuilt once you restart this browser.)
  3. While in the same folder, edit the "installed-chrome.txt" file and remove the entry that refers to the theme's *.jar!/ file (this should be close to the bottom of the list) and save the change. Note: This entry may not exist, in which case, ignore any changes to the file.
  4. Restart this browser and note that the theme has been removed from the Theme preferences list. If not, then review and repeat steps 1 thru 3.

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