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This is, in our wishes, a one-stop page for Mozilla splashscreens and everything related to. We're working on a submit system, a discussion forum and/or a mailing list. You'll be able to submit your splashes in a few days. If you have some links to splashscreen pages, feel free to send them to my private e-mail. Thank you!

Francesco De Francesco, subproject mantainer

Here is a gallery of splashscreens submitted to Bugzilla bug #32218.


Since I already received some feedback, I think it would be nice from everyone submits new splashes to add a notice in the body of the message in which he/she grants all the image rights to (take a look to the submissions page and to Bugzilla bug #28028 for further informations).

Anyway, all submissions MUST be licensed under the Mozilla Public License, The Netscape Public License, The GNU General Public License, or another recognized Open Source License. Submissions licensed under ANY Proprietary License will be rejected. A MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license is preferred.

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