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These Policies are for the Mozdev Theme site only, and shouldn't be considered as policies For Mozdev, or any other project hosted by Mozdev.

All Submissions must be licensed under the Mozilla Public License, The Netscape Public License, The GNU General Public License, or another recognised Open Source License. Submissions licensed under ANY Proprietary License will be rejected. A MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license is prefered.

Failure to include License Terms when submitting a work will be considered as consenting to license the work under the Mozilla Public License

All Submissions must be original works, with the following exceptions.

A work that has been abandoned by the original developer may be picked up by a new developer. A work will be considered abandoned if it doesn't work with Mozilla 1.0 or Netscape 7.0 and no updates have been made to the work for at least 6 months.

If an original work only works in Mozilla or Netscape, and the original developer has not created a port after 3 Months, then a port from another developer will be accepted.

If an original developer states he has no desire to continue work, then another developer may pick up the work at any time.

In any case where a secondary developer has taken over a file, the original developer must be credited for his work.

Works containing material that is copyrighted or trade marked by a third party who is not a party to the license agreement are subject to removal without notice.

The Aqua UI is a trademark of Apple Computers. No works based on the Aqua UI will be accepted. Cartoon's and TV Shows owned by Time Warner are protected by US Copyright laws. This includes "Looney Tune's", "Animaniacs", and Cartoons produced by Hanna Barbara. Works containing Time Warner Copy righted material will be rejected. Both of these Companies are very active in sending out cease and desist orders protecting their rights.

If I get enough themes for Netscape 7.0, I'll be adding a Netscape themes section


I'll be adding file submission soon
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